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Cost Estimator

Power BI – ConfigMgr Device Cost & Renewal Estimator

Managing users and devices is always fun; a major challenge for me was always assigning assets without unnecessarily purchasing or depleting the device stock. An unused or under utilised device in an organisation can potentially be money down the drain. As configMgr admins, we have the data already to determine whats inactive and potentially reusable devices […]

ConfigMgr OS Support Life Cycle Broke

Power BI – ConfigMgr CB Dashboard – Broken Web Queries

The ConfigMgr Dashboards Died what happened?! Following Microsoft’s announcement changing the service periods for Windows 10 to 30 months; it looks like the amendments to the Windows life-cycle fact sheet has broken the Power BI ConfigMgr Current Branch Dashboard.   RIP OS Support Life Cycle Page… For Now This change unfortunately means that sadly the […]


Change Devices Data Protection Manager Server with ConfigMgr

This month we ended up moving one of our offices into a new building.  Of course, there are many elements that go into moving a building with local IT infrastructure.  In this case, one thing that had to be done was moving the devices to a new Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager Server (DPM). […]

DDR Warranty Example

ConfigMgr: Creating System DDR using Client Messaging SDK with SMS Unique Identifier

Within Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr), you can use Discovery Methods to get data about your devices. When a device is successfully discovered it creates a Data Discovery Records (DDRs) file. The DDR then stores all the information about the Device in your ConfigMgr database. DDRs can be useful for adding extra data which you wish to […]

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