ConfigMgr Compliance Collections from Configuration Baselines

Today I want to share a quick ConfigMgr tip. A lot of administrators I have worked with ask how to create collections based on the compliance of a Configuration Baseline. Normally I see them trying to work it out manually. If that is you, stop and don’t panic. There is an easier way straight from the console.


You could be asking why would I ever need to do this? That is a great question. There are loads of scenarios where this could come in helpful.

For example, you could use this for Windows 10 in-place upgrade deployments. Follow these steps:

  1. Deploy a Task Sequence to run a compatibility check
  2. Create a custom registry key or some other compliance flag
  3. Create a collection looking for Compliant machines from your Configuration Baseline
  4. Deploy a Windows 10 In-place upgrade task sequence to the new collection

The end result is an automated way to deploy Windows 10 compatible devices.

Windows 10 Configuration Baseline Flow

ConfigMgr Steps

Let’s walk through the quick steps of how to get this done inside ConfigMgr.

    • From your Configuration Manager Console navigate to Assets and Compliance / Compliance Settings / Configuration Baseline
    • You will now want to select your Configuration Baseline and head down to the bottom and choose Deployments
    • From Deployments right-click the deployment and select Create New Collection. You can now choose one of the following options:
      • Compliant
      • Error
      • Non-Compliant
      • Unknown

ConfigMgr Compliance Collections

    • From the Create Device Collection wizard, you can ‘Next’ your way through. For the most part, the default will work out great and you will not need to make many changes.

Note: The new collection location is in the root of User or Device Collections. This is dependent on the Configuration Baseline you have created.

Let me know in the comments what awesome Configuration Baselines you are using in your environment.


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