DPM: Replica is Inconsistent (3106) on Microsoft.MgmtSvc.PortalConfigStore Database


Came across a problem with DPM failing with “Replica is Inconsistent (3106)”. Initially tried running a consistency check and resuming the backup job but both failed.


Found a great post from James Trevaskis on how to resolve this.

1. locate the ActiveOwner (located in “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Data Protection ManageDPMActiveOwner”) directory on the SQL server hosting the DB.

2. Rename any files which are 0KB to .old

3. Run PowerShell or CMD as admin and CD to “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Data Protection ManageDPMBin”

4. Run SetDpmServer.exe -DpmServerName <DPMSERVER> (note: <Server> being the DPM Server)

5. Rerun consistency check and should run through successfully!

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