DSC WMF 5.0 Class Based Module not updating on Azure DSC Pull Server

It’s been a while since I last posted anything but finally after a couple of manic months have some time to get my posts out :)!

Anyway, I’ve been working on some really cool SpecOps for PowerON Platforms. One heavily involves Azure DSC and custom class based DSC resources.

While testing a resource today, I noticed an error which needed correcting. I corrected the module and re-uploaded it but noticed the Node was still attempting to use the old module!

I decided to go gun-ho and delete the old module from the node but then got the below complaining  the module was missing on the next consistency check.

To resolve my problem without having to compile the configuration each time, I updated the DebugMode on the LCM to “ForceModuleImport”

DebugMode = 'ForceModuleImport'

Adding this in WMF 5.0 forces the modules to reimport rather than using the cached version.

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