Force sync System Center Orchestrator Runbooks to Service Manager Runbooks

This script is for running a re-synchronisation of the Orchestrator runbooks in System Center Service Manager (SCSM).
The SCORCH connector in SCSM syncs all the runbooks through from SCORCH. Sometimes even after running a sync, a new runbook will not appear. Using the Truncate AuthorizationCache in SQL can resolve this but not always.
The script does the following:
  • Truncate the AuthorizationCache on the Orchestrator DB
  • Restart IIS on the SCORCH Server
  • Run a Start-SCSMConnector on the management server to sync the SCORCH Connector
  • SMLETS installed on the Management Server
  • Run the script on the Orchestrator Server.
  • Read/Write Access to the Orchestrator DB

Download the script from the Technet Gallery here

0 thoughts on “Force sync System Center Orchestrator Runbooks to Service Manager Runbooks”

  • the script worked perfectly, but I still don't know why would the connector run as it should without having to use a script or anything else.

    Thanks a lot for the script.

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