Power BI – ConfigMgr Current Branch Dashboard – 1806 Update


It’s been a busy month around PowerON and the The DevOps Hub for me; I’ve been working on or getting some improvements to the dashboard and addressing some issues along the way.

With this in mind, here is the update for the Power BI – ConfigMgr Current Branch Dashboard 1806 🙂

Power BI – ConfigMgr Current Branch Dashboard 1806 Update

  • Devices Query Updated to use MaxTimeStamp instead of RevisionID for some of the joins. This was to address some environments where the revisions didn’t match causing duplicates.
  • Devices page now includes Relative Date Search
  • Office 365 page included!
  • Test Duplicates now a proper function so it will invoke a test and return all the fields relating to the query
  • Current Branch URL amended

Updated Features

Devices Homepage Relative Date Search

I’ve added a relative date search to the Devices homepage, this allows you to filter creation date more easily.

Relative Date Search

Office 365 Page

An office 365 page is now included! This shows overview information for Office Pro 365 click-to-run. Big thanks @HarryLowt who kindly created the query for Office 365.

Office 365 Dashboard Power BI

How to test for duplicates

One of the battles I’m having is the differences between environments, what works for most doesn’t always work for everyone. To try and assist with this, I’ve added a test duplicate function in query editor. This allows you to test what’s duplicating by passing the resourceid received on the load attempt.

To check for duplicates:

  • Make a note of the resourceid number received in the loading error message
  • Go to edit queries on the top ribbon

  • On the queries pane on the left select the “Test Duplicates” function
  • Input the resourceid and invoke the function

Test Duplicates Function

  • A new query will be created at the bottom of the queries pane showing you the resource and all its columns
  • Let us know whats duplicating and we will be happy to help you try and figure out whats going on.

Current Branch URL Amended

  • The support doc was updated yesterday and one of the tables moved, the heading also changed (caps missing on web table heading) so I’ve amended the URL and fixed the query back to what it should be.



Download the latest update HERE

I really hope everyone’s enjoying this community tool and as always, thanks to all who have used it, tested or provided feedback along the way!



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