PowerShell: Creating a unique Alias / User Principal Name by querying existing recipient addresses

When creating a new user object via PowerShell in a large organisation,   it is important that we check for duplicate addresses before creating an account. The script below is an example of how we could do this.

$givenname = "Enter first name here"

$sn = "Enter last name here"

$Name = "$givenname.$sn"

$defaultname = $name

$Exit = 0

$Count = 1





# Checks for all email addresses which equals $name@domain.

$User =Get-Recipient "$name@enterdomain.com " -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

If ($User -eq $null) {$Exit = 1}



# The user exists, add +1 to count

$Name = $defaultname + $Count++





# User does not exist. got to exit.

$Exit = 1



While ($Exit -eq 0)

$Alias = $name

$Alias # Returns available first.lastname which can be used for Alias and UserPrincipleName

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