The GUI That Was Promised: Project Honolulu

So like the the King of the North the GUI in Windows Server looks set to be resurrected with Microsoft’s announcement of “Project Honolulu”! Microsoft Ignite is going to see the launch of Microsoft’s new local browser based management platform and tools for Windows Server.

What to Expect

Microsoft haven’t given a lot away but at first glance, it’s going to be a simplified modern platform experience with each “tool” being accessible via links on the webpage. There is also talk of being able to extend the platforms to external cloud infrastructure.

One great thing is they seem to be indicating that this solution will work on other Windows Server versions and come at no additional cost (which is always a good)

With this announcement, the MMC may finally get the retirement it deserves with Microsoft recommending Project Honolulu as the go to GUI for Windows Server 1709.

The Technical Preview also introduces a  brand-new solution for managing hyper-converged clusters (Hyper-V with Storage Spaces Direct), allowing you to provision and manage VMs, volumes, see drives, servers, their health status across the cluster and much more.

When Can We Play With It

The Technical Preview looks set to become available next week with people attending Ignite being given access to demos.

We’re looking forward to the Technical Preview release and will be sure to share our first impressions!


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