Rollback Cireson Portal Version

Had a problem with the Cireson Portal 3.6 today so decided to remove the website from the IIS server and revert it to a working older version (3.4 was my last working version).

The script below stops all the services, removes the Cireson application pool/website from IIS. then deletes the Cache Builder service and CiresonPortal folder from Inetpub folder.

#Import IIS Module
Import-Module WebAdministration
#Set Variables
$CiresonPortal = 'CiresonPortal'
$CacheBuilder = 'CacheBuilder'
#Stop Website and AppPool
Stop-Website -Name $CiresonPortal
Stop-WebAppPool -Name $CiresonPortal
#Remove WebSite and AppPool
Remove-WebAppPool -Name $CiresonPortal
Remove-Website -Name $CiresonPortal
#Delete Service
SC Delete $CacheBuilder
#Remove File
Remove-Item C:inetpubCiresonPortal -Confirm:$true

The problem was that the Cache Builder service was not connecting to the Management Server specified when installed. It ended up being the Settings table in the ServiceManagement DB had the wrong Management Server. Running a SQL update on the table to change the Management Server fixed the issue.

Getting the portal back to 3.6 required following the supported upgrade path from Cireson 3.0>3.1>3.2>3.3>3.4>3.5>3.5>3.6>3.6 including the relevant hotfixes.

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