SCOM Management Pack for Cireson Self Service/Analyst Portal

If you use Cireson’s Self Service/Analyst Portal, you’ll probably already know that keeping the CacheBuilder service happy is integral to keeping everything ticking. The CacheBuilder service is pretty good for reporting its health. The CacheBuilder service will write into the event log and there is also a log in the CiresonPortal bin directory. But what happens if you fail to notice an error…
I was talking to my colleague Rob this week about a problem with our CacheBuilder service. It was reporting errors for a couple of days without being discovered . Rob suggested I should get System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor the portal for us, so we decided to create our own!
This management pack provides discovery and monitoring for the Cireson CacheBuilder and World Wide Publishing Service on a server with the Cireson Portal installed. 
The servers with the Cireson Portal installed will need to have IIS 6 WMI compatibility tools installed.

Download from portal here
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  • Hi AJ, we've got ours set to just error but if your wanting more detail, I would to increase it to debug. As long as its still reporting in the eventlog, you should still get the alerts come through on the CacheBuilder events.

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