SCSM Service Request Area renamed Enumeration’s missing after update

I encountered a strange problem reported by our service desk yesterday after updating Service Manager 2012 R2 (SCSM) to CU7. The service desk reported that some of the service request areas had somehow reverted back to default enumeration names. So some background. Against our recommendation (sigh), the service desk decided to utilize some unneeded default enumerations by renaming them. This was fine until we updated the update….


I first exported the ServiceManager.ServiceRequest.Configuration management pack to see if the enumerations were still there which they were.

I then created a new management pack referencing the elementIDs and renamed it this way instead.

<managementpack contentreadable="true" originalschemaversion="1.1" schemaversion="1.1">








      <reference alias="SMServiceRequest">














    <languagepack id="ENU" isdefault="true">


 <displaystring elementid="Custom.ServiceRequestAreaCustomRenames">

          <name>Custom.Service Request Area Custom Renames</name>

          <description>Management Pack contains renames for amended default Service Request Area ENUM. If CU updated, reference version may need updating too.</description>


        <displaystring elementid="SMServiceRequest!ServiceRequestAreaEnum.Messaging.Client">

          <name>Public Folder / Shared Mailbox</name>

          <description>Was Client</description>


        <displaystring elementid="SMServiceRequest!ServiceRequestAreaEnum.Messaging.Server">


          <description>Was Server</description>


        <displaystring elementid="SMServiceRequest!ServiceRequestAreaEnum.Messaging.Other">

          <name>Distribution List</name>

          <description>Was Other</description>






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