SCSM User Input PowerShell Module and Orchestrator Sample

This PowerShell module allows you to easily build up an SCSM User Input XML. I found this really useful when creating work items outside of SCSM but still requiring user responses inside the work items. Included in the ZIP is a runbook with 10 prebuilt questions and answers, this can be invoked to help assist building the xml if using orchestrator.
  • Download and copy the folder to the WindowsPowerShellv1.0Modules folder.
  • if using the PowerShell module on an Orchestrator server, copy to both System32 and SysWOW64 folders.
  • Import the runbook if required.
Using the PowerShell Module
Using the module is easy, first Import the module (Import-Module SCSMUserInputs) and your ready to use the functions.


Clear-SCSMUserInput – sets xml back to default

Using the Orchestrator Runbook

Once you have imported the runbook, you should be able to use the runbook to amend existing user input works items or create new ones.
The below example is how you could amend an existing service request with additional info. The Append XML is also included in the module folder.
You can download the module from the technet gallery here.

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