Upgrading to Cireson Portal 3.7 Gotchya’s

It was an interesting night upgrading the Cireson service portal from 3.6 to 3.7 with Rob. The install is pretty straight forward but there are a couple of minor gotchas when upgrading via the Cireson Setup.

Using SSL settings and hostname bindings
When installing the portal, it defaults to http and blank hostname. This is great when your server has a valid name and you’re not concerned about security. However when you need HTTPS and your site name is different from the server name, this can be a pain as it wipes the bindings out.
App Pool settings
Another gotcha is the app pool settings also get wiped. This means if you’ve amended any settings like the idle time-out or start mode, it reverts them back to default.

Grid View Return Items
By default the grid view return item is set to 500, this can be amended in the database. When you upgrade, this will also be reverted.

Cache Builder Password
When installing the cachebuilder, if you have a $ sign in the service account password, it will cause an error and won’t start the service. You have to manually set the password is services.msc

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